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Parliamentary Registry


Project Brief


The Women’s Resource Center is a non-profit organization that provides services related to the 

empowerment of women. The Women’s Resource Center spent a great deal of time soliciting and 

organizing volunteers, participants and sponsors for an incredible event, “You Go Girl”. In our estimation, media coverage would have enhanced the event. What was required was a team of individuals qualified to interview participants, capture candid moments and edit a short montage that would inspire corporate sponsorship for future events.



Our action plan was based on a simple principle: make it refreshing and exciting. Our team arrived to co-ordinate interviews, reinforce and encourage excitement and capture footage that would translate into a great experience. With all the footage we captured, a 4 1/2 minute highlight was created to use as promotion for the 2014 and 2015 events.


High Definition Filming

Logo Creation

State Of The Art Graphics Package

Script Writing Services For Host

Contemporary Editing Treatment






Increased:Awareness of the event

Corporate Sponsorship

Enrollment of teams 

60 Teams / 180 Participants 2012

58 Teams / 174 Participants 2013

79 Teams / 237 Participants 2014


Overall there has been a 31% increase since inception.

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