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Parliamentary Registry

Project Brief


‘The Uptowner’ began as a four-page newsletter with little advertising support. There was no set editorial calendar or topics that could influence financial support from retail businesses that could capitalize on holiday editions, themes or social causes from story outlines. Fashion editorials were needed, along with a demographic break down that could be used to identify target markets for the various issues.




For this client we decided to create a captive audience by turning local models, popular socialites and political figures into the cover stars. We created an editorial calendar that would inform advertisers of the most effective time to place an ad and created special topics that would reinforce the services or products of prospective clients. An advertorial and editorial rate sheet, along with package deals, were created to make the publication both attractive and affordable for clients.


Creative Direction

Fashion Styling

Beauty Services

Ad Sales / Placement

Content Creation and Management




The following resulted from GINO GROUP actions:

• World Class Covers 

• Exciting and engaging stories 

• The creation of an ad worthy publication 

• A newly improved publication transitioning a 4-page    newsletter to a 42-page magazine 


• Increased ad revenue by 4, 250 %


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