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Parliamentary Registry

Project Brief


The Department of Community and Cultural Affairs was in need of assistance with expanding the local and international knowledge and perception of the historical events that brought a variety of ethnic groups to Bermuda. Gino Group created a way of linking the original tribes throughout the African continent along with the Indian heritage prominent throughout the local communities expressed also in one of Bermuda’s national figures - The Gombey Dancer. Gino Group felt that in order to be more engaging, there was a need for a combination of the connection between information and imagery, the appropriate marketing mix to advertise the Emancipation Celebration and the atmosphere created within the respective venues for the events.



We had authentic tribal regalia made by the tribes throughout the southern region of Africa, Kenya and West Africa. We recreated tribal umbrellas with ornamental embellishments along with other tribal accessories and requested individuals within the Bermudian community that were from Africa to come and share cultural tea ceremonies, traditional African music and dancing in order to create the honorable atmosphere that would reinforce the Community and 

Cultural Affairs mandate.


Creative Direction

Art Direction

High Definition Filming 

Logo Creation

State Of The Art Graphics Package

Contemporary Editing Treatment

Logistics and Movement Administration

Costume Creation / Styling






The outcome of this amazing event left an audience of over 400 guests in sheer amazement. They garnered a wealth of knowledge and a sense of pride. The response from the government officials encouraged the client to continue to book our company for the annual “Emancipation” Event held every July.

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