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Parliamentary Registry

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Project Brief


The Government of Bermuda sponsors an annual Sports Awards Ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of talented Bermudian athletes. Our job, when contracted to produce the sports awards, is to create a more innovative ceremony. To date, each years event gets better and better.




Through creative direction, specialized art direction, stage design, production organization and high definition filming, Gino Group was able to enhance the production of the sports awards. We created NFL styled graphics reinforced with Grammy styled hostesses and selected music beds that those being honored could relate to. We also composed scripts containing highlighted 

information of each nominee in order to acknowledge all personal accomplishments while ensuring that the audience was entertained.


Creative Direction

Art Direction & Stage Design

Production Organization

State Of The Art Graphics Package

High Definition Filming

Script Writing Services For All Show Vignettes

Logistics and Movement Administration

Beauty Services

Image Styling



The 2018 Sports Awards was representative of each and every worldly accomplishment of its nominees lending a higher prestige and recognition to the winners of each category. High powered graphics illumined the athletes’ ability, form and passion which influenced the audience to respect all individuals at a higher standard. An increase in team spirit and national pride was instilled into all attendees and participants. We have been retained as the production house for the 

2019 Sports Awards Ceremony which is scheduled to be held in March.

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