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Parliamentary Registry

Project Brief


The Bermuda’s arts and culture programme, though evident, needed to be more invigorating. The people of Bermuda, the pulse of the cultural community, were not being broadcast to the rest of the country in a thorough and effective manner. If Bermuda’s talent was to gain the exposure and excitement that it deserved, then the grassroots cultural events happening around the country needed to be given a fresh new promotional vehicle.



With such a broad array of cultural influences to choose from, it was evident from the start that clarity, detail, and warmth were key elements to retain in the depiction of Bermuda’s mosaic of expression. In light of this, we chose to film and record grassroots cultural events in High Definition technology. This, we determined, would give us the most ability to create engaging, dynamic content to share with the global community and to allow us to collaborate transcontinentally with countries like South Africa during the South African Fashion Week of 

March 2013.


Program Brand Creation

High Definition Filming

State Of The Art Graphics Package

Script Writing Services For Host

Contemporary Editing Treatment

Campaign Account Management

Location Scouting

Host Styling




Professional, ad worthy programming served two purposes: First, the Bermudian arts and culture scene is now depicted in a way that reflects the authentic passions of the country and its people; Second, all entities involved - television and radio stations, commercial product and service providers now recognize a significant increase in both revenue and international profile.

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