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Parliamentary Registry

Project Brief


 The Corporation of Hamilton created a wonderful brand within the fashion scene in Bermuda; yet, there was a need to increase its star power appeal. In addition to the absence of notable international celebrities, the internal format of how the series of shows was connected needed to be better configured. There was a need for branded graphics that tied all the shows together, backdrops that created ambiance and atmosphere, and show stopper images that would create the social currency necessary to inspire audience members to speak about their experiences which would ultimately assist the Bermuda Fashion Festival in improving its brand. 




A member of the Gino Group team travelled to Jamaica and held auditions at a leading agency, Pulse Jamaica, and created a short list of options for our client to select from. Two international models were selected from this process and flown to Bermuda. In addition, our Producer, Amir X, contacted a few of his personal celebrity friends from Hollywood, California; Cape Town, South Africa; FYI Network and Broadway, New York. We produced the “Hair and Beauty Show” and were honored to have celebrity personality, Aminat Ayinde, as the special guest model along with Darrin Dewitt Henson, the cast of B.O.R.N to Style and Fela’s Jermaine Rowe as audience members for the entire week of shows. Social handle registers were set up for communication between local fans and celebrities and international celebrity guests were asked to tweet and share their experiences on all social networks.


Creative Direction
Art Direction and Stage Design
Filming and Editing
Hair Design
International Graphics Package
International Celebrity Personality Organizer
Entertainment and Sponsorship Co-ordination





A buzz was created instantly as pictures of locals with celebrities circulated across the world. Designers ranging from Atlanta, Georgia to Cape Town, South Africa have requested to join the BFF Brand, and The Bermuda Tourism Authority gained additional image power to sell Bermuda as a new luxury fashion destination.



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