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Project Brief

The Story

The Department of Human Affairs needed a new form of community outreach/support and it was determined that the Community Driven Development (CDD) initiative would be a good system to implement within Bermuda communities. There were challenges in Bermuda that resulted in 

unemployment and under employment; hence, there was a decision made to introduce a new way 

of doing business in Bermuda.




We were requested to conduct research and develop a Community Driven Development Program; implement its introduction through the facilitation of a workshop of over 100 

participants and their children, and create a 10 minute infomercial to breed awareness of the purpose of a CDD in addition to attracting potential sponsors.


Main Facilitator (Amir X)
Event Organization
High Definition Filming
Creative Direction
Script Writing
Graphics Package



Training sessions have been a success producing three groups of a minimum of 25 retooled individuals that are now employable and ready for job posts within the CDD.


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